Strategy - Becoming A Better Player

Posted on by Vic Zaman

Becoming a better player

 1. Learn the rules of the game. Knowing the rules inside and out is an important part of mastering the game.

 2. Practice on a regular basis. Spend time regularly practicing your technique and improving your game.

 3. Develop your stroke. Focus on developing a consistent and accurate stroke to develop a reliable shot. 

 4. Experiment with different shots. Experiment with different types of shots and learn to adjust to different conditions. 

 5. Visualize. With enough practice and visualization you can improve your game without even hitting a ball.

 6. Evaluate your performance. Use video analysis or find a billiard coach to analyze your game and help you identify areas for improvement.

 7. Invest in quality equipment. Quality equipment can help you develop better accuracy and precision with your shots.

 Joining a local club or billiards league can help you blend in with experienced players and learn.

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