How it works:


Each player will play 9 matches in 9 weeks, in each session. Players will earn 1 point for each game won in a match, and earn 1 bonus point for winning the match. For example, a 5-4 win will translate to a 6-4 point score.


Match races are determined by division:

Division A - Race to 5

Division B - Race to 4

Division C - Race to 3


Players will play opponents within their own division. Races will be the same amount for both players in a match.


Games played will alternate weekly, for 9 weeks:

Week 1: 8-ball

Week 2: 9-ball

Week 3: 10-ball

Week 4: 8-ball

Week 5: 9-ball

Week 6: 10-ball

Week 7: 8-ball

Week 8: 9-ball

Week 9: 10-ball

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